Technology strategy maximisation

Technology Maximisation

Technology strategy formulation can be difficult

With so many channels and platforms to juggle, efficiency should be a top priority today. However, maximising your technology strategy is easier said than done, and more so when the pressure is on.

Budgets are tight, and expectations are high. Smaller businesses have less leeway for experimentation than corporations, creating the need to see quantifiable outcomes more quickly.

Fortunately measuring strategy performance has become more accessible than ever for smaller businesses. Today, using the right tools, generating and tracking new leads, traffic and revenue no longer have to feel like a guessing game.

Maximising your marketing efforts

Optimising strategy starts with a process of defining what positive results look like and identifying the most efficient paths to achieving those results. Your website, social media and digital strategy will be central to taking advantage of new technologies.

It means making all your marketing touchpoint, messages and content count, so you know you are getting the most ‘bang for your buck’. Instead of blindly throwing time and money at what might work you need to look inward to figure out how they can deliver more value.

It is essential to understand you more than likely didn’t go into business to maximise your technology strategy. You have many other things you would instead be doing. If this is the case, engage with technology and marketing specialists. They will more than likely be your best investment, not a cost.

Maximising technology strategy involves fundamental principles

No tricks, no gimmicks or “hacks” here. Just five simple steps businesses of any size can follow to ensure their marketing efforts are as ROI-positive as possible.

  • Look before you leap, outline and plan your technology strategy
  • Improve your conversations and make the most of your meetings
  • Engage technology specialists you can relate to and understand
  • Automate as many repetitive processes and tasks as possible
  • Eliminate wasteful spending and old inefficient technologies
  • Ensure your content resonates with each of your market segments.

Of course, there are tools available to help you develop and manage your marketing strategy, and your customer service. Maximising your marketing strategy will come from a combination of tools and outsourcing the activities you are not good at doing or don’t like doing. Fortunately, there are plenty of proven strategies to boost your business which don’t require a massive financial investment.

Scale what works for your business and drop what doesn’t. Even as the marketing landscape continues to change and advances in technology come forward, these principles can become your pillars of success.