Machine learning future predictions

Machine Learning future predictions

Machine learning skills for the future

Will you require machine learning skills to be able to maintain a successful business into the future? I don’t care how much money you make a month. The way you are currently doing things will need to change.

Are you listening to your clients or just trying to get in their wallets? Are you solving a real pain point or only serving your self-interests? Or could you be following a calling, or are you just following the latest trend? More importantly, are you willing to put everything on the line for something you believe in? Could you be a working more aggressively towards achieving your vision?

Irrespective of how successful your business is now or how much you are worth, at some point in the future, your company will be severely disrupted. It could go into decline because you are not addressing current trends in such things as AI, machine learning, IoT and its impact on your marketing and your customer base.

How will you tell which will be a fad versus disruptive trends which will have an everlasting effect on the shape of your knowledge management and customer service landscape?

What are your top predictions for machine learning

Every business needs to take a look at the top predictions from their ITC advisors about the technology trends which will play a role in shaping their next year and beyond. Everyone needs to learn more by exploring the possibilities, and topics like:

  • The evolution of AI and machine learning within specific industries
  • The application of AI for IoT apps and devices
  • The impact of machine learning and automation in doing business in the future

Things we need to be learning about are often misunderstood and involve misused terms. Many companies and larger technology companies attempt to boost their appeal by forcing an association with modern technology without understanding the implications.

Begin to demand the substance to justify claims of anything which is capable of using data, information and knowledge to predict any outcome of any relevance for business, ITC or security.

AI capabilities will not mature to match human skills and capacity in 2018. However, using machine learning will increasingly help organisations make decisions on massive amounts of data. Decisions about data, information and knowledge which would otherwise not make any sense.

Push past all the noise, here are a few things to consider

  • Will AI and machine learning become industry-specific?
  • Will the value of your company go up or down?
  • What promise does AI, powered by machine learning, hold for your company?
  • Will predictive analytics replace manually intensive activities with more automation?
  • Can you fin specific actionable insights for your company today?

Companies have long relied on data-driven decisions to run their organisations, to satisfy customers and to secure their investments. The concept of security has changed completely. Machine learning will help to keep customers happy and keep information secure.

AI using machine learning will increasingly provide organisations with the ability to recognise fraud. Use it to identify anomalies in user behaviours and suggest steps which can be taken to mitigate threats.

We have raised many questions here which all need to be addressed, by all who wish to prosper into the future.