Package your marketing for profit

marketing for profit

Everyone knows their branding and image is important, but many don’t pay enough attention to it. People can relate and engage if they can connect to a  marketing package. A package that links and integrates all the critical aspects of the marketing that will underpins their business success.

It can be the creative artwork on you vehicles, the look and feel of your website and social media, the branding and signage on your premises, the way you package your products, the way your employees present themselves. These are all great ways in which you can differentiate your business with a more holistic package for customer attraction and engagement. Spending more time and less money on the business is a constant challenge for managers. So the right package can simplify the way you market your business, helping you to stay in control.

Combine a product and services into a package

Why not package a service feature with your products in ways that will enhance those products? This may create an entirely new product. A package can benefit the business by cost saving, convenience and added value to your clients business. This is not disimilar to you buying a total marketing package for your business.

Years ago Toyota made huge inroads into the car market by selling their cars inclusive of all the features that other car manufacturers sold as add-ons. Clients today don’t want to have to pay extra for some small feature, they don’t have the time or the patience. It’s a goo feeling to know youe logo, branding, website, social media and other marketing collateral comes in a well structured package, driven by the best technology you can afford.

Many companies have created an additional revenue stream by providing a consulting service, or running workshops and seminars based on their products. Many include these additional services in the price of a base package .

Put real power into your package

A package tells people something about your business that may offer them a more complete solution to their frustrations, problems, wants and needs. This could mean going beyond the basics and creating something much bigger than your current basic offering. You could provide a platinum-level service response time? Some customers will want almost instant response. where as others will wait a week or two for a response. This type of package can offer clients real risk reversal and help them to sleep better at night.

How often have you purchased a product because you felt it was bigger than just the product itself, it gave you a better sense of security, or lowered the risk level. Maybe this was because of the way it was named, presented or because of the people who were serving you. If you can find that package, that something that people can really connect with, it gives them one more reason to do business with you.