Marketing tips that can make a difference

Marketing tips

Where is your marketing plan

A marketing plan helps you identify your clients and develop strategies that makes your business stand out to them. Integrate your marketing effort and satisfy your clients’s wants and needs. Ensure your business model contains all the key elements to make your business work well all day every day.

Focus on sales first

Without sales nothing else can happen except losses. The rest will follow as the need arises and it’s more fun if you can pay your bills.

Content marketing

Customers are seeking good information and practical knowledge, therefore useful content should be at the core of your marketing as people shut off to the traditional world of marketing.

Service your clients

Good client service is all about helping your clients solve their frustrations, problems, wants and needs and if you do this they’ll help you solve yours.

Speed to market   

You need the dollars to go forward and your clients will help you to improve your product. Get your product out there and benefit from the “First Mover Advantage”.

Focus on your uniqueness

What is your competitive advantage? What can you do better than others? If you are just another “me too” business don’t expect to survive.

Old and new clients  

Never take your old customers for granted, treat them as well as you would treat a new one, satisfy their wants and needs and they will satisfy yours.

Price yourself into success

Don’t be greedy but be consistent with your pricing policies. Better to have half a loaf of bread than none at all.

Know what is going on

Research the trends and issues in your market segments, understand changes in client attitudes and competitive activity. Go on a journey of discovery, how do your customers think and behave?

Continue developing your brand

Marketing budgets are easy to cut, but don’t abandon your brand. Take advantage of new marketing methods and associated technologies, which are becoming better and cheaper all the time.

Look for marketing breakthroughs

Dare to be different. Look for ways you can make your business stand out from the crowd. Drive your marketing strategies to be the best in your industry. Bad strategies lead to bad outcomes.