Marketing rationale must make sense

Marketing Rationale

Marketing rationale requires critical thinking

Having qualified prospect visiting your website can be a bit of a lottery for many because of inappropriate marketing practices. If this is the case, it is time to start improving your marketing rationale. Treat your website, social media, mobility, big data in addition to your content like a vending machine consequently your marketing efforts will improve. Look more closely at the outcomes and value generated which will also improve your results. Marketing is often unpredictable because you don’t learn and grow more action orientation within your organisation.

Put your customer experience into focus because this will make the rationale for modern marketing more evident. Bring your business environment into play with less emphasis on your products so you can put more emphasis on the customer experience. Put more focus on the customer frustrations, problems want, and needs and you will demonstrate how your business is purpose-driven.

It is essential to align your employees with your brand because that is what they represent. Create exceptional customer experience by aligning the company website, social media and content with the company’s vision and objectives. Do some critical thinking about your strategies and actions because this will keep your marketing on track.

Marketing on purpose sure beats an ad hoc approach to marketing. Wishing and hoping should be replaced with a clear vision and objectives for the future.

Become the first-choice of your customers

Understand the changes in the relationship between buyer and seller. It will lift the mystique surrounding marketing rationale.  No more long-drawn-out processes, with much consideration and negotiation to complete the transaction. To achieve the results you want, you must first gain a genuine understanding of your target customers, because without it marketing will be ineffective. What are their problems and frustrations and what is their want and need?

In the past, buyers were always in control of their consideration phase. Sellers ‘owned’ the valuable information relevant to the purchase, and this put them in control of the negotiation and transaction phases. Today’s buyers are no longer dependent on the salesperson’s information. They have taken control of the entire sales cycle including doing the negotiation and initiating the transaction.

Your website design, digital strategy and your content are now fundamental components of modern marketing. They create an environment where customers will even consider you as their first choice if you get it right.

Marketing rationale requires a mix of old and  new thinking

Utilising traditional ‘body language’ has become less relevant because it has mostly been replaced by ‘digital body language’. With the information technology available everywhere at any time, the buyer can quickly find the information and pricing about a pending purchase. It seems like content marking could be your best option if you want customers to have confidence in making a buying decision without any human contact.  Think of all the ways customers have of finding information and you will see it becomes especially relevant to your marketing efforts.

Familiarity has become an issue because of technology. Most buyers want to do business with people they know and can trust. If you are not careful, you can quickly let them down, and you will lose the customer irrespective of the price. You competition today is only one mouse click away. Be able to give the customer confidence to believe in your company and its products and services, at every touch point. Include the people and organisations who influence them, including others who may be doing their research.