Marketing process automation and making a start?

Marketing Automation

What is marketing process automation?

Marketing process automation is the process of using software to automate your business processes and communication. It may sound complicated, but it is surprisingly easy to get started with modern technology.

There is a bit of work involved in getting any marketing strategy set up. However, once it is up and running, automation will save you time on your marketing. It can also help you bring in leads even while you are asleep!

The best website development can work by sending predetermined emails at specific intervals to new subscribers. Include those who have opted in to receive a piece of content or enquired through your website.

Your emails should contain relevant and useful content which will appeal to your target customers.  It will make them more likely to contact you or buy from you in the future.

This five-step guide will get you set up

Marketing process automation is a useful marketing strategy for the time-strapped company.

  1. Map out your workflows. Automation sequences start with workflows where one action leads to another. By mapping, before beginning, you will have a clearer idea of what your marketing process automation needs to achieve. It will also highlight the stages involved in getting it there.
  2. Create segments. When you think about your customers there will be a few different groups you want to target? Sending the same content to everyone is probably not going to get the results you expect as it will not be relevant to them all, Those who find it irrelevant may never want to do business with you. Create a couple of different processes based on the market segments you wish to target and build separate workflows for each.
  3. Plan your content. Once you have decided on your segments, you need to create the content you are going to send to each one. It can be as simple as a welcome email and a bit about what your business does or as complex as a new process you have developed for using your product.
  4. Find a suitable marketing automation platform. There are some low-cost marketing automation tools out there you can use to send your emails, from generic email providers like MailChimp to more in-depth inbound marketing automation platforms.
  5. Implement your digital strategy. Once you have all the elements in place, you can get on with the fun part and implement your automated plan. After your marketing process automation is up and running, don’t forget to track the results. Do it regularly so you can identify any issues and make the necessary changes.

Marketing process automation is a critical tool when it comes to growth

Marketing process automation can be an excellent tool for any company wanting to grow their business. It is particularly so if you are going to improve marketing with the least amount of time and stress. By following the steps, you can make a start on having your marketing automation working for you quickly. It is one of those tasks which can seem incredibly overwhelming in the beginning. However, investing time can pay off in the longer-term.