Local marketing focused on outcomes

Local marketing

Not only are there financial considerations, but few local businesses attract clients who live further than a comfortable drive away. A simple but well planned website and public relations campaign can be a great way to increase your client base. Now days, for many people, the Internet is their phone book. They tend to make enquiries based on localised promotion across all media .

For those of you who really want to do business with their community, make sure your website and social media is using local terms in your content and links, along with local photographs. By associating your content with the local community’s name and the local activities, you will be amazed how these little touches will help you to be found.

Most people search for somebody local, more often than not utilising the community name and terms in their search. You can include information such as pick-up points, hours of trading, local charities you support, payment methods and other information that locals will be seeking. Emotional engagement in your digital strategy is the key to local marketing.

Most communities are building local directories. Ensure you become listed with all the search engines in those local directories.  For example if somebody searches “website expert in Alice Springs”, the first results coming up will include your business.

Local marketing requires different approaches

National businesses may have big budgets for expensive marketing campaigns on network television shows and popular magazines to reach a huge number of potential consumers. However, such options aren’t as available to local businesses. Instead, local businesses need to engage with more targeted solutions, seeking out those in surrounding communities who might be swayed to visit them by persuasive local content and word-of-mouth. This means havein well designed website, social media and public relations campaigns.

Keep in mind that local people generally like to support their community where they can. While the local expertise you need is not available, at least you can have you marketing focused on your local community. This can be an important competitive advantage over national brands.

Local public relations campaigns may use a number of different strategies in order to build awareness within a community, but your website should be central to those strategies as most people do a Google search before making a purchase outside their normal routines.

The dilemma is having time to devoted to local marketing

Today’s local businesses have plenty of opportunities to innovate across every aspect of their business, but having the time is the big issue. To make the most of your time and money, it often pays to outsource many  of your marketing activities. Often some marketing aspects will be beyond your expertise and it is important to have the right look and feel for your local audience.

 Focus on special events in your local marketing

Trade shows and other local events should feature highly in all your local marketing activities. Businesses focusing on their local marketing have a unique opportunity to host special events for their local community. By bringing local people together whether it be at a special event or in a social media group, you can hope to attract more clients.

Know the families and develop marketing collateral that will resinate with them on a personal level, to give you an edge and lead to a lifelong clients.

 Branding your business to suit the local environment

When most people think of branding, they think of an expensive, time-consuming exercise. It becomes overwhelming and put on the back-burner. But branding can be as simple as modernising your logo, or changing some of the content you use. Doing something even slightly different from your current branding will create  interest and make potential clients want to learn more.