Your competitive advantage is important

Competitive advantage

Creating an effective competitive advantage will revolve around building trusted relationships, differentiation, a niche market focus. Using price as a competitive advantage can be dangerous as it can be a fast track to the bottom. A competitive advantage will contribute more than anything to a SME success particularly when competing with larger organisations. Smaller businesses in the community are far better placed to build a strong and long lasting competitive advantage than bigger businesses or corporations.

Trusted relationships can create the best competitive advantage

Relationships of all kinds can be very delicate and require extra effort to maintain. If trust is central to building your relationships your competitive advantage will be much more successful. A trusted relationship can also be something that can provide the business as well as the client with added security. Trusted relationships will create longer lasting relationships, despite there being many trials and tribulations.

Building effective and lasting relationships is a necessity for survival and is today closely linked to information technology and social media. Poor relationships will quickly cause the performance of the business to deteriorate and this will be noticed by clients.

Competitive advantage is rarely sustainable with technology alone

Technology may give you a short-term competitive advantage. It should never be relied upon because of the many advances and other aspects of a business clients will be more interested in. The competitive advantage of the business can well depend on how efficiently and effectively employees work together and interact with clients. If technology helps them to do this then it will have an important place. Business strategy should always be considered before technology is introduced. Keep in mind technology is available to your competitors making it difficult for it to be a competitive advantage.

In the accelerating pace of global competition and technology, successful competitive advantages are being defined by innovative strategies and action plans for utilisation of what modern marketing has to offer, in order to build a more sustainable your competitive advantage.

A competitive advantage can be created with modern marketing

Keeping up with modern marketing will take time and money which you may not have. Look to a trusted advisor to keep you up to date with website development, social media, content and email marketing, mobile, big data and analytics. Being across all of these things can create a competitive advantage particularly if you use them in an innovative way.