Advocate marketing leverages performance

Advocate marketing leverages performance

Advocate marketing can bring your marketing alive

With all the marketing noise it’s easy to become lost in the crowd. Establishing an advocate marketing program can help create stronger connections. Connections with the people who love your brand, and allow you to amplify their voice and improve your performance.

To hit your budgets, you need to generate more leads, of better quality, with less money. What do you do when the campaigns you’ve been running start to stall, threatening your impact on the budget?

You may have used your current marketing tactics a hundred times over. But where can you turn when these tactics as they lose their lustre? Advocates can significantly improve your marketing efforts, as they become the pillars of your brand, and shout your name from the rooftops.

 Your biggest fans can deliver the most significant returns

A huge fan of your company and a loyal customer who genuinely loves what you do is what you want. They can introduce you into conversations you didn’t even know existed, bring you many referrals, and shout your praises to the masses. You probably have a number of these customers and other contacts who are willing and able to do all this and more for you. All you have to do is ask.

Advocate Marketing is about identifying your highest-potential customers, employees, or partnerships. Then motivating them to spread the word about your company. Using advocate marketing can help drive better leads, lower churn, and increase online customer value.

Build an Advocate Marketing Program

Chances are you have built many advocates without even knowing it. The key to mobilising them is to create an advocacy program to recruit, engage, and reward their loyalty.

There is untapped potential lying within your networks, all you need to do is activate them.

  • Start by developing a plan which clearly defines your business objectives
  • Refocus your digital marketing to assisting any new approaches
  • Content marketing will be at the heart of almost every advocacy program
  • Identify your ten best ‘Centres of Influence’
  • Analyse the personas of these top ten and the characteristics that they have
  • Now decide what is in it for your advocates
  • Engage with advocates with a compelling campaign
  • Recognise and reward your advocates. Utilise a metrics dashboard.

Your advocate engagement should define what you will be asking each advocate to do. It could be asking them to refer new customers, review a product, act as a reference, or whatever you need them to do. If you are not specific in what you expect, you will invariably be disappointed. No matter how well-intentioned someone might be to help you. Asks family, friends and employees to share their favourite experiences can be a great start to your campaign.

Quality will always beat quantity

While you can’t have too many advocates to assist in your marketing, in the first instance, you should stick to managing the first ten. That will be enough to start improving your marketing performance. In many cases, ten good centres of influence may be all you ever need. You can upgrade them as time goes passes.

The first group of advocates will play a crucial role. Setting the tone and expectations for your marketing program will serve as a baseline for much of your reporting and marketing development.

It might be tempting to engage any willing person to advocate for you, but, resist knee-jerk reactions. Getting the right advocates in place, especially the first time can be one of the most significant determinants of your success. Advocates are more than just your best customers, as they can become the lifeblood of your business.