Advertising intelligently


Digital advertising technology, coupled with content marketing concepts, are opening up huge opportunities for more intelligent marketing. It is growing faster than most people can keep up. The new technologies such as personal interactive media and the use of facial-recognition, is causing a shift from basic advertising to more intelligent integrated marketing.

Managing all the components involved in modern marketing  involves working with a different application, or tool not normally found in most businesses. Marketers are now looking more closely at the results of their campaigns so as to optimise their marketing budgets. The days of ‘one size fits all’ in marketing no longer applies. More businesses are using smart metrics to measure the impact of their ads and overall marketing effort.

When you revisit your website and social media ask the question, “how many people visited our sites in the last month without taking the next action step”. Intelligent marketing might be as simple as taking the information and knowledge you already have in your business and repurposing it in a more intelligent way.

Most businesses are under pressure that impacts their marketing budget, resulting in the need to squeeze every benefit out of their advertising budget. It is your job to provide them with an incentive to spend those dollars with you. For this simple strategy to be successful you need to ensure your costs are low and they get ‘more bang for their buck’.

Digital marketing and advertising is fast paced and not for the faint hearted

Even though new marketing technologies, such as marketing automation are being adopted slowly, digital marketing concepts are spreading like wild fire. Over the coming months Front Row Media will showcase some great advertising, so dare to be different when promoting your product or service. Clever advertising by Kitkat, will help you think outside the square. The use of digital cameras within forms of advertising to overlay products as well as  of real images, is taking hold.