Minimalism impacts graphic design

Minimalism impacts graphic design

There is a trend towards minimalism

If you were to describe what minimalism was to a graphic designer, you would probably talk about a lack embellishment in design, with a focus on functionality. You would probably also think of a neutral colour palette of blacks, greys, and whites. Minimalism is not about having less, but it is essential if you want to focus on improving your customer experience

If you seek to have freedom from the clutter and trappings of the consumer culture, you have built our lives around over the years; then we must develop a minimalistic attitude to graphic design.

It seems that the true spirit of minimalism–pared down, functional design elements–has been lost and, instead, replaced with boring black and white colour schemes. I suspect this was done to make up for the lack of processing power and screen size on mobile devices.

Mobile devices are now as powerful as computers, and some even have better screens. Graphic design needs to be crisp and efficient without taking up too much screen space. Minimalism in graphic design becomes vital, so it is noticeable and easy to read without dominating the screen space.

Reassess your creative capacity

All too often people tend to give too much significance to their creative capacity, often forsaking relationships, and the desire to contribute to the overall marketing effort. Minimalism does not mean we should not be creative; it merely allows you to make decisions more consciously, more deliberately about what you need to do with it to get your messages across.

We have to start emulating a more minimalist style with our featured images for smartphones, social media and blogs. Use a simple design to communicates the message, simpler graphics, fewer words.

Minimalism escapes the grasp of consumerism and encourages the boosting of performance, with more personal interaction and more real-life connections with people in a ‘noisy’ world.

Compelling reasons to embrace minimalism

  • It provides a purpose. Designing as a minimalist teaches us to appreciate what we value most.
  • It promotes healthier minds and attitudes towards the graphic design. In a minimalist’s world, there is less clutter to feed the brain. It enables people to have a clearer perspective on issues and desires, without mental distraction.
  • It ensures appreciation for what really matters. The minimalist looks for clarity.  As a result, everyone around them can grow and move their actions to create a better marketing performance.

Do some research. While many people may have heard about minimalism, there are many misconceptions associated with it. It is therefore prudent to first have your people understand what it can do for them. Start today and take a more straightforward approach to your graphic design.