Creativity critical graphic design component

Creativity critical graphic design component

What exactly is creativity as a critical graphic design component?

The reason for having creativity injected into graphic design concepts is not well understood.  It is vital to have a creative idea in mind before successful design can be developed and successfully implemented.

A creative design concept is an idea associated with a company or its product. Look at the underlying logic, reasoning, and thinking as to how graphic designs are visualised and developed for effective marketing programs.

Creative concepts are rough drafts and become the framework for decisions regarding design. It is why they are a vital component in the development of an innovative marketing program. Usually, graphic design concepts involve two parts:

  1. Words you would use to describe the desired graphic design. Words must focus on the message you want your marketing efforts to communicate.
  2. These are specific images and colour schemes for your design. Visual concepts come from the verbal part of the design concept.  In the simplest possible way, the desired impact must focus on how your message will be received.

Having learned what a creative design is, it is also vital to know what isn’t. Innovative, graphic designs are not final products. These are not different colours, models or call to actions.

Creativity and graphic design are part of a process

Every product and service in the marketplace is competing for attention? There is no one-right-way to creating a design concept because it is an individual process. However, there are parts of the process of creating a design concept that everyone should know, which are:

  • Define the problem. Before establishing a design concept, you need to talk to clients and end-users. Ask questions about their brand, their customers, their goals, and the market segments they seek to serve.
  • The client can tell you only so much of what you need. So, in the end, it is still up to the designer to do their research. It will include looking at competing websites and understanding more about their marketplace.

A concept helps you with specific design decisions and provides a roadmap you will refer to multiple times throughout the design process. At the end of the process, a well thought out and well-planned concept leads to a better design. A design which communicates the exact message the client wants and blends in with and aligns with other aspects of their marketing.

Save valuable time spent with creativity in your design process

Creativity in graphic design continues to be challenging. It can take an everyday marketing program and make it seem so much more than it is. It is the beauty of good design and why it is essential. Good creative graphic design can quite literally change your marketing performance forever.

Save time and money by spending your time focusing on other critical functions in your business. Activities which you have experienced with and like doing, and leave the task of creative graphic design to those who specialise in it.