Targeting sectors giving poor customer service

poor customer service

Targeting with a digital strategy gets results

To provide excellent customer service, you need to understand targeting and who your customers are. Their problems, frustrations and what they want and need.

Gather information about as many of your customers receiving lousy service as possible. When trying to understand their wants and needs, it may be useful to know details such as their lifestyle, occupation and interests. Include any potential customers who have made enquiries about your services.

With your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software start targeting contacts or even a whole community or industry dogged by poor customer service, fragmented information and knowledge and little coordination.

In an era of sharply rising costs, this could be the way to direct your marketing initiatives for the better outcomes. Look for ways of giving these people and organisations a lower-cost way to reorganise their activities. Improve their revenue and profitability while keeping them engaged in building a better future.

The best time for targeting is in times of adversity

Going forward, in the face of difficulty can be made easier with a digital strategy, embarking on initiatives which will not only provide better customer experiences but help to generate higher levels of creativity and innovation.

Help people to use digital systems to track and measure their progress, and unlock data to help them reach their capacity, capabilities and ultimately boost their potential.

Some of the industries people depend on most are plagued by bad customer service. The list of opportunities is endless.  Among those giving the worst customer service will be those using old technologies, dysfunctional websites and poor social media presence and therefore unable to keep up with competitive forces.

Limited competition and the fact many customer interactions occur after problems like service interruptions help push those organisations closer to demise.

Are others targeting your business

When a business fails to meet customer expectations, customers do business elsewhere. Poor customer service and the perceived indifference of staff and management account for most customers who don’t come back.

Customer complaints can alert you if your business is failing to meet customer expectations. Learn more about managing customer complaints. Some actions you can take to improve customer service are:

  • Investigate the areas of issue
  • Train employees in customer service and sales skills
  • Rotate employees so they can increase their knowledge
  • Encourage and support teamwork
  • Review recruitment and selection procedures
  • Find out more about researching customers
  • Is your business digitally enabled?

Start by getting your website and content up to speed with excellent customer experience. Start attracting those businesses receiving lousy customer service.

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