Personalise marketing communications

Personalise marketing communications

Re-evaluate effectiveness and personalise marketing

There is so much marketing which is ineffective and annoys us all. The popups, high-pressure, spammy, interruptive, overpriced, overhyped, under-designed selfish gobbledygook in which some business people engage. They are wishing and hoping; nothing is personalised, nothing converses to valuable customers.

Then there’s the kind of marketing which inspires us. It delights us and brings us something which solves a problem or is what customers truly want. These marketers couldn’t be more different as they utilise digital marketing methods to personalise their marketing efforts.

The poor marketer is marketing at us, trading money for attention to sell poor or outdated products and services to disinterested people. The excuse is, cash flow needs generating, or they have no choice, and poor marketing persists.

The successful marketers are marketing to help customers as their priority. Marketing which is reliable, practical, useful and helpful, they don’t need excuses. They put the customer experience front and centre.

Use new tools to do more with less

Everyone tries to save time and money at the same time and end up de-personalising and commodifying what they do.  Today, every business needs to personalise marketing communications across the many devices successfully. The focus needs to be on customer service and the customer experience.

The proliferation of mobile devices which consumers use on a daily basis creates an enormous challenge trying to orchestrate a seamless cross-channel customer experience.  When consumers reach out, you need to be adaptive and create the best possible experience.

Winning and retaining the customer is a challenging puzzle everyone is trying to solve. Conversations with customers need to be influenced in the context of customer problems and frustrations, allowing for the best possible outcome for them.

In creating and retaining the high-value customers, the use of digital marketing tools is critical to personalise marketing efforts and make it more affordable.

Personalise marketing and connect

You need to exchange being anonymous, with the well-researched market segments and customer profiles. Make sure your messages are consistent across all touch points.

Mobile phones have become so universal it requires particular attention to your content and communications. Mobile marketing must fit seamlessly within your overall marketing strategy with a more personalised and connected approach.

To successfully personalise marketing messages across mobile devices, gather and use valuable data, information and knowledge inside of your CRM. Refocus your marketing with digital automation tools which can pull together to connect with your customers in a more meaningful way.

Mobile can no longer be ignored or thought of as a separate platform, but rather as the superglue which ties other parts of the customer experience together. Mobile marketing needs to have a foundation in critical information and behaviour.

By having a consolidated view of customers, you can access all of their requirements to build and refine key target messages for your various campaigns. A good starting point is to upgrade your website design and development. If you regularly measure all aspects of your marketing and leverage the metrics you discover, you will be in a much stronger position of control. You will have a much better chance of success.