Outsourcing digital technology advisors

Outsourcing digital technology advisors

Stop the digital technology struggle

As you start to evaluate what you can do with modern digital technology, do you consider outsourcing digital to an advisor? You begin the engaging process, often without understanding your current situation. It will determine the profile of the individual or organisation for the best fit.

Every business has old technology baggage. Engaging an advisor to help you unpack and move forward makes sense and stops the struggles.

Your business has been going okay for years but hasn’t been fantastic if recent times. You missed your budget last year, and if something doesn’t change, you will be in jeopardy of not achieving it again this year.

You are probably trying to wrap your mind around why some good customers are leaving. Why your business seems to be going into decline, despite having the best product offering.  Employees seem to be becoming unsettled, and no one knows why. 

Outsourcing digital technology allows you to do more, but

Many tend to think taking on as many projects as possible is a sign of a good manager. Being busy is never the same as making a significant impact. To do your best work, prioritise projects which you are not good at doing and you know can add value, and outsource the rest to a competent advisor.

If you were to review the skill set of all your employees, perhaps the answer to your problems would become apparent. No one has the skills to cope with digital technology and provide the solutions and customer experiences offered by your competitors.

Sure, you can send employees to a training session. However, there is so much to learn, your chances of achieving your budget could still be out of reach. Perhaps it’s is time to engage an experienced advisor. If you choose well it will become one of your best investments, not another cost.

Problems and frustrations with technology are like laundry; they pile up the longer you tolerate them. Outsourcing digital helps to outsource more repetitive tasks.

A critical outsourcing digital decision

Do you need to engage a builder or a technician as an advisor?

The builder

Builders can create a new digital marketing strategy for you.  They have done this before, meaning they have built a successful digital strategy from scratch many times for other businesses. A builder can envision the right technology and processes needed to achieve your desired budget while retaining existing customers with better ‘customer experiences’.

They will have a good understanding of, not only the new digital technologies but will also have a sound knowledge of modern concepts involved with cloud computing, websites, social media, big data, the Internet of Things and so on. Builders will have many entrepreneurial characteristics and be well connected.

However, the downside of this advisor is some will become bored with having to make the necessary technical tasks over an extended period and will likely want to create something new for someone else. You will need to keep them involved with new challenges and projects.

The technician

This type of advisor is excellent at keeping everything working. When the digital infrastructure is in place, you will want the system working well all day every day.  If you need to ensure the systems and processes keep working, the technician will make sure this happens. A sound technician can become ann extraordinary operational leader in your business.  However, this individual will likely struggle if this is something they have not build from the ground up.

For a smaller organisation, the advisor could be the one person and become your best outsourcing project. The situation will dictate what is more appropriate for you depending on what you are trying to accomplish from a business and marketing perspective.

As you start to evaluate your digital technology requirements, and you start the outsourcing process, you need to start with a sound vision and objectives for the future. It is probably something the advisor can help you to think through carefully.