Mistakes hampering modern marketing

Marketing Mistakes

Poor understanding of digital technology

Mistakes surrounding digital technology will determine the company’s failure or success, so hiring decision should not be made lightly. If you don’t know what digital technology can do for your community, you might be leaving your untapped potential ‘on the table’.

Too much information is a big mistake

Communities regularly believe their website needs to display every piece of information as soon as possible. It often results in walls of text and clunky buttons leading users to different pages filled with mind-numbing ‘stuff’ which users do not need to see to make a decision. Step into your visitor’s shoes and consider whether your intended target market requires information you display. If not, cut it out.

Too many, or mixed messages

Planning your website is a significant part of the marketing process, so you want to convey explicit messages. For some communities and businesses, this may be the only part of the design process with which they become involved, but their lack of experience leads to congestion. Often, pages appear cluttered, or information is not where a visitor would expect to find it, which can confuse visitors making, a cluttered page is a no-no. Look for sharp messages backed up with quality images and videos.

Off-brand and off-story

Like a character in a play, your website and social media tell your users a lot about your community. Each aspect of your market segments should have its particular attributes and feeling but deal with the issues people are looking for, not fads and fantasies. Using the wrong information in the wrong places can reduce the effectiveness of your marketing. You do not want your marketing to look lifeless and unappealing. People want to learn about the features and benefits of your community, and they want to learn quickly.

No marketing planning leads to many mistakes

I see too many communities using the same old marketing material in the same old way and expecting different outcomes.  Poor marketing planning leads to more problems and frustrations. With a little time and strategic planning expertise, the desired results can be achieved on budget and on time.  Do the groundwork and research up-front, and take the guesswork out of your marketing. Future updates become a more manageable proposition to execute and is more successful.

Ignoring design principles and thinking

It is a mistake to think one size will fit all situations. However, your website and other marketing materials should be designed and produced in such a way it will comply with community, tourism and industry standards. Avoid native design themes and use custom design elements which can be made to work on various platforms. Make sure your materials are designed for smartphones as this is how most people today look for information.

Colour your community with outstanding customer experiences

Mistakes with colour, including colour clashes, often occur when inexperienced marketers have the job of creating a functional marketing piece, or campaign. However, while you do not need to be a professional photographer, but you do need to know which colours work well together and which ones do not.

Choose the photographs you use well, a picture is still worth a thousand words. Never forget about visually impaired people and others who require special facilities or treatments.

A robust marketing campaign does not end when your website and other marketing channels look good. The user experience affects far more outcomes than many would believe. It affects community members, sales, tourists and online reviews. So, it is crucial for communities to invest more time in getting the customer experience right to support their community in achieving its longer-term aspirations.