Metrics dashboards improve productivity

Metric Dashboard

Some metrics you could be measuring

Your business intelligence helps to understand your progress towards your vision and objectives. Learn how to find the critical success factors which drive the performance of your organisation and team members. Learn how tracking them with metrics dashboards can create a culture of action orientation and excellence.

  • Measuring KPIs increases productivity
  • Fast analytics connect and visualise critical activities
  • Smart Dashboards combine multiple views of data to get richer insight
  • Share information instantly
  • Share critical understandings with colleagues in seconds
  • Measure statistics against benchmarks
  • Measure your content marketing engagement
  • Update key metrics automatically
  • Explore and track essential data and track Big Data.

Content marketing metrics have become critical

You have started working on a more systematic approach to creating engaging content. Well now is the time to measure customer engagement and outcomes. Never assume your content is working. Measure things which will improve your content and content marketing, here are some examples:

  • Registration rate, who sign up from a specific page
  • Measure those who upgrade from a page
  • Content creation rate
  • Completion rate of people who engage
  • The average time spent on a single page
  • Pages per session
  • Bounce rates
  • The number of people who exit your site after landing on a page
  • Identifying and tracking high and low performing content.

Get the latest information and knowledge with a live connection to your data or receive automatic updates on schedules you define. Activity effectiveness measures need to drive the results you want and need. When people hit their metrics, they advance your organisation. It builds confidence, teamwork, and revenue.

Business is dynamic, why should metrics remain static? What made sense to measure last month, quarter or year may have become entirely irrelevant today. Many times I have found during marketing audits, a metric which no one remembers why it exists. No one knows who is using it or how they are of benefit to the company.

The same is true for many processes as well. There may have been a good reason once for a particular metric but makes no sense today. So keep reviewing, keep questioning and keep going back to the drawing board. Keep your list of chosen metrics up-to-date, so they remain relevant and useful.

Next time you review your business operations, don’t forget to include metrics and dashboards.