Customer experience enhances competitive advantage

Customer Experience

Are your customers sad, happy or indifferent to what you are trying to achieve?

All too often businesses think of their products or services as their real competitive advantages. However, those who keep improving their customer experience are bound to have the best competitive advantage, just because:

  • Customers like them and keep coming back
  • Your customers love to pass on positive messages
  • When customers have a good experience, they become your best salespeople
  • Customers become advocates and evangelists.

Analyse and improve your customer-facing processes and touch points to create a solid foundation for starting your organisation’s personalisation journey. Deploy and monitor metrics for personalisation and work to enhance your customers’ experiences continually.

Start improving your customer experience

Start by describing your ideal customer and how you can best serve them. Understand your customer’s problems, frustrations wants and needs to enhance your customer experience as a differentiator. Mapping your customer expectations will pay dividends.

If you can map this on your website and social media and across all other marketing activities, you will start to meet their expectations. Enhance your ability to deliver and create points of differentiation.

Meet the customer where they become emotionally in harmony with your products and services. Review all your content for relevance as content. Digital strategy and marketing work together to create the best customer experience possible

You must budget to improve the customer experience

It is not just a matter of having you people smile a lot or a website which captures initial attention. There is much more to it, and there is always a cost. You can replicate just about anything, reproduce a product, replicate a technology. You can even copy a service.

However, you cannot replicate the total customer experience; it must become yours exclusively and be practical, reliable, useful and helpful. How you invest in the customer experience will be critical to your success.

Pick the right things to provide a better customer experience

All touch points are crucial each one must be considered and carefully maintained. You don’t want a customer being impressed with the office staff only to be told they are stupid by a delivery person.

Your content marketing pieces must be relevant to the customer, and your stories should be authentic. Being topical across your entire marketing activities is critical. Marketing campaigns must be in sync with customer wants and needs as well as addressing their problems and frustrations. It means avoiding marketing fatigue.

Projection mapping can help to create incredible content to enhance the customer experience. Transform the way you do business while delivering an emotional impact on the customer. When emotion is involved people respond appropriately, and they remember.

When you provide a customer experience, it should be brilliant, caring, and helpful. If you do the customer will respond in a  relevant, caring, and unhelpful way, and everybody wins. Looking at everything from weeds in the footpath to weekend service can boost business.

Customers today have seen it all, which makes it increasingly difficult for marketers to capture and maintain attention. Stunning visuals are critical, or what about something which might make them stop and stare and want to tell everyone they see?