Building technology solutions

Building technology solutions

Building technology solutions can be frustrating

As someone who has been looking at building technology solutions for decades, I can tell you first-hand disappointment comes in abundance both in vendors and the technology they offer. It can prevent you growing your business by holding you back from taking on client work as you spend so much time looking for the solutions.

I have also learned I am not alone when it comes to new technology. Most business owners can probably tell you at least several situations which caused them anxiety and cost them much needed time and money. Keeping up with building technology solutions is difficult.

If you’re running a business with limited staff, you’re likely finding it difficult to stay on top of all that needs doing, while creating new business. Business automation is something you dream about constantly.  It’s hard to get or stay organised while you’re in the thick of it, but at least there are some things you can do to relieve the pressure.

Most communities and businesses today are using public cloud in some capacity, making it about as commonplace as using spreadsheets or e-mail. However, the problems are continuing for many.

Change thinking about building technology solutions

Did you design your business model and plan first then employ the technology which suits your desired outcomes? Alternatively, did you engage with some promising technology first then tried to make it fit your business?

Of course, all the vendors you approached said their technology could do anything you wanted. Today, fewer people are as naïve as we all were while struggling to come to grips with the explosion of new and exciting technologies.

Technology providers tend to be in fear of “saying no, our technology can’t do that”. To the point, even their salespeople are trained to say “Yes” as the default answer to questions.

I find those who employ the technology which suits their business will achieve designed outcomes months or even years ahead. Those who deploy technology on emotion, without planning a will achieve their desired outcomes well behind any milestones they set.

Where do you start solving your issues

You have probably experienced these problems and know the struggle. Every week you read or hear about technology which can solve your problems and frustrations. Every day you have ideas you want to put into play. You feel less inspired and more overwhelmed when you are operating with a limited team. How can you get them all done, and even if you can implement everything, where should you start?

Eliminate technology from your thinking about business development and planning, and go back to paper and pen first. On completion of your business plan, business model and value chain, you will have, the right questions to ask. It will ensure the technology you select is, in fact, suitable for your requirements. It will enable you to block out the noise of the typical sales pitch and make better decisions.

The best technology-based business and automation systems usually only represent what humans can already do. It just does it faster or more effectively and efficiently. When you plan your business first, you become open to understanding what your stakeholder’s need to do, to achieve the outcomes. Make technology fit your plan, not the other way around.

Do the planning for better technology outcomes

Do the work in your journal, or with mind maps? Only then when your systems have been designed, should you seek the technology system that suits your wants and needs. Now you can ask the vendors the rights questions, even if you have to send them your design and wait for a reply.  It sure beats signing up for more free trial systems only to have to spend your limited hours dealing with their marketing emails.

Did you know the most important thing you can do to ensure success is to take control of the suggestive elements in your environment? I mean, make sure what you are seeing and listening to is consistent with the goals you want to achieve.