Digital content reaching maturity

Digital content

Are your digital strategies coping with digital content

Companies have a pressing need to ensure their digital content marketing strategies and campaigns keep up with the times. Your digital technology must also be kept up-to-date so you can realise your potential.  Importantly, it is necessary to remember great content is critical to your website and social media’s value to clients and potential clients.

The technology you have in place, or the systems you implement, are of little value if your content is not relevant. Content must be related to your target audience and create new and better clients.

Digital strategies are advancing and evolving, similar to the way traditional marketing developed decades ago. Content marketing is now following the same path as conventional marketing did. The big difference is the speed at which things need to change to retain peoples interest.

From your branding to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you need to become more efficient, and never the personal elements.

Whether you use video, photographs, diagrams or text be sure to keep your technology simple. Easy for the user to operate and for the content able to deliver the desired messages. It must be attractively displayed, relevant and exciting enough to motivate a desired reaction from the customer.

Digital content from a branding perspective

Generating and distributing compelling content via your website and social media is not just essential, It is a critical part of your digital strategy.

  • Invest in the right website technology which is easy for customers to use
  • Automate mundane processes to simplify the customer experience
  • Increase investment in your website and social media development
  • Utilise maturity models and roadmaps for virtually all areas of your marketing
  • Become smartphone, small screen and mobile-ready
  • Utilise more interactive content to engage the customer
  • User-generated content will help you to become more interesting
  • Replace the ‘me too’ evergreen content with up-to-date, relevant knowledge

Social media presents adventurous opportunities to use cutting-edge technology and better digital strategies. Digital technology also allows a more potent substance to improve both customer service and the customer experience.

Maturity models and roadmaps should enable you to build a staged approach to your marketing. Customise each stage for your company within a customer context. Disconnect with ad-hoc technology and content for various marketing goals with little customer-centricity. An actionable element of a maturity model is being able to connect to multiple market segments, divisions and stakeholders.