Content drives company success

Content = Company Success

Do you have a content formula

The content marketing formula is: High-quality content + audience building = increased revenue, along with community and business growth. You must create fantastic stories and attract new customers, which is not impossible.

Let’s face it; not every business is exciting. Just because what your company does not make for entertaining cocktail party banter does not mean you have to give up on the idea of creating quality information. You only have to be smart about content marketing and marketing your business.

If you do not work in an exciting business and struggle with getting attention, don’t give up.  Content marketing for boring companies is entirely possible, and it can turn things around.

What good things has your business done for others

What are some things someone in your company knows which if broadcast would help others, too? Keep in mind; people are selfish, and they want to know what’s in it for them (WIIFM).

The point of content marketing is to build your business by providing valuable information and knowledge to customers and prospective customers. Establish your company as the experts, so when people are looking for something, your company comes to mind.

Just what is it your business has done to help people solve their problems? People want their problems solved. Tell them a story about how your company solved a problem for someone and they will be interested.

Here are some ways you can use quality content

  • A blog tied to your website is an excellent first step. Consistency is essential because people will lose interest if there is nothing new.
  • You can use Facebook or other social media to drive traffic to your blog post. You might even use social media advertising to extend the reach and hopefully build traffic to your website.
  • Packaging and customer service material can be upgraded and made more user-friendly.
  • Have others share links to your blog post on their websites to help you reach a broader market.
  • You could combine blog post with other interesting material to create an email newsletter.

The important thing is to focus on getting your content in front of as many potential customers as possible on a regular basis.